Damn it

It feels good to laugh so hard at something really funny…. But then it sucks bc all of a sudden the terrbile shitty emotions you’ve been choking down bubble up and then I’m crying so hard instead. I hate my life sometimes.

thinking of renaming this blog “life with a high functioning addict”   It’s not as fun as you might think.


4 thoughts on “Damn it

  1. Sara says:

    Life with any kind of addict is full of craziness. The heck with him…Are you going to Alanon or Naranon? Getting the support YOU need?

    Hugs, Sara

  2. greengirl says:

    Oh Ally – I am so sorry. I grew up in that sort of insanity. I honestly don’t know how my mother did it. Please, please take care of you.

  3. Ally says:

    Hi Sara and green girl, haven’t talked to you in forever…
    I went to naranon once…. There were so many people in the group, it felt weird. Everyone else has these stories of, like you said, complete craziness…. There was some of that for a while, but the stuff that goes on here seems different. Maybe I didn’t give it enough of a chance.. I don’t know. I am struggling so hard with depression and anger right now… My antidepressant has been jacked up some, it’s just not working yet. And I wish I had some anti anxiety pills bc I am so strung out. I have two kids who just started school, different schools now, there start times are two hours apart. I have to take them and pick them up every day. I watch a one and a half year old for 10 1/2 hours a day, then there’s the regular stuff… I’m trying to take care of myself, I’m eating well, walking or running at night. I don’t have time to blog, but I have put these thoughts somewhere or I’ll go crazy. Almost no one knows about this in my RL.

  4. Ally says:

    It’s really nice to hear from you both… Thanks ❤

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