acceptance and gratitude

“So breathe.  Relax.  Take it in.  Be patient.  Learn to accept the uncertain and buddy up to the unpredictable.  Let life happen, at least a little.  You’ll find it that much more beautiful and happy when you do.”   – From the blog Marc and Angel Hack Life

When I read this from one of my favorite blogs it struck me…. “learn to accept the uncertain and buddy up to the unpredictable”… I’m a person who likes to know what to expect and struggles to deal with change…. It’s been a process, and I may always be going through it, to change my attitude about patience with life.  I think I am finally learning to deal with the cards that have been dealt, instead of being angry and wide eyed wondering “how did my life become this?”.  Maybe for me, acceptance is the key.  And I am there, I’ve accepted.  I’m not fighting it anymore.

“When we’re grateful, our problems don’t disappear, they simply occupy less space in our hearts, minds and lives.  The reason is that grateful people are focused on that for which they are grateful.  By definition, that means the difficult, disappointing and painful commands less of our attention.” (Same blog)

Practicing gratitude… that’s the next goal.


4 thoughts on “acceptance and gratitude

  1. greengirl says:

    You are an incredibly strong woman Ally.

  2. elle says:

    Hi Ally. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve just paid a visit to the blog you mentioned and will definitely be putting it on my reader list. Going to try to catch up with everyone by email in the next week or so, now I have a bit more time.

    love and hugs xxx

  3. Accepting gives you a launching pad of sorts, returns the lost power back to you – where it belongs. You’ll love the second part even more!

  4. sarah thorne says:

    I am like you. I like to know what to expect, what is coming next. I don’t like walking on a blind path.

    However, over the years, I have indeed come to differentiate between that which matters and that which doesn’t when it comes to the unexpected. I have found a calmness and peace in that. Something doesn’t go as planned? Rather than stressing over what I could have done to help it go as planned, or be upset that I am thrown off, etc…..I ask myself, “Okay, so this isn’t happening the way I had envisioned and I can’t change it. What is it that I need to do next to get me back on track?” It doesn’t always have an easy answer, but helps me accept that which I can not change.

    Gratitude goes a long way. 🙂


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