Let’s talk about…

The past couple days Brad and I have been talking about talking.  He got an idea from a friend of his.  He wants to schedule a “stop, start, continue” talk once a week.  If it’s not obvious it means talking about things that aren’t working, what you can do instead, and what is working.  I had never heard of that but it didn’t sound like something he would come up with on his own.  I asked him where it came from and he said friend of his and his girlfriend did this.  I googled it…. of course (don’t you just love the internet?).  It appears that it’s used by a lot of people… in business.  Ok ok, I’m not downing the idea, I still think that it’s a very good one.  ButI have to admit that I did bristle for a moment in response to it now appearing more like a to do list type of activity.  This is Brad’s typical approach to life.  But I am going to embrace it, it doesn’t have to be emotionally standoffish and if it helps us communicate better then great.  I’ll reserve my judgements for after we’ve tried it for a while.  Honestly, I couldn’t be more thrilled that Brad made an effort.

Brad says that having a weekly scheduled talk will help him be more prepared, give him time to think before hand, and to not feel ambushed.  I can appreciate all those things.  I think that if I can I will send him a topic list of what I want to talk about, maybe he can do the same for me.  And then there are no surprises.  Right now our night is Tuesday.  I hope it’s productive.  We were also going to schedule a night for spanking.  Our first thought was to do this Tuesday also.  I wasn’t sure that I wanted a spanking to be right on the heels of our talk.    I’m concerned that I might feel inhibited to say what I want to say given that he’ll have complete access to my rear end directly afterward.  Also concerned that we will end up cutting our talks short because we are anxious to get on with it.  On the other hand, I usually end up feeling the most connected with him after a good talk.  Spanking and sex might be a fantastic way to follow up.  I just don’t know…we decided to go ahead and do it and we can change it if we want to. 

Am I still allowed to call this a spanking blog?  I haven’t talked about spanking in quite a while.  There is a reason for that and the reason is there just hasn’t been any spanking going on here for WAY too long.  I am hoping that is for sure about to change.  Now that Brad is off drugs (no thanks to the pain med doctor, I won’t subject you to my rant about pain med doctors) there are a lot of subjects for us to revisit and some new ones.  I do think that we will go slow and this all will take some time, I am in no hurry this time around.


4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about…

  1. Sir J says:

    your posts and your demeanor just keep getting better and better

  2. Ally, I remember reading this, and thinking in some strange way that I’d love for H to do this scheduled kind of talk. I find that too many times we put off discussions and we have to make a hasty decision without as much thought and exchange as I’d like. Do let us know if this works out, and how you end up liking it in the end.
    Of course, I like to read about spanking. But honestly, I am interested in how other married couples work things out too. I’m always happy to hear this kind of input. 🙂

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