Ally’s super yummy chicken salad recipe

I’m not sure if I can really call this a recipe because I am not going to give you any measurements, you can add amounts of ingredients to your liking.

chicken – cooked and ready for making chicken salad, I just used canned, you can do what you want


bacon – crispy and crumbled up

red grapes – halved

nuts – I used either pecans or walnuts, and lots of them

hot sauce – I like just enough to give it a little kick

salt/pepper to taste  (you shouldn’t need a lot of salt bc of the bacon)

you can add celery if you like it, I don’t like it so I don’t add it

Mix it all up in a bowl.   Instead of using bread or crackers I slice an apple like the one in this picture.  I scoop up chicken salad on it and eat it that way.  It’s REALLY good.  If we don’t have grapes on hand then I will cube apples and thrown them in the mix and just eat it with a fork.  Brad doesn’t love the apple slice idea, I suggested making a lettuce wrap with it. 

Have fun with it, make it your own.  I’d love to hear any other ideas you have.


One thought on “Ally’s super yummy chicken salad recipe

  1. Sara says:

    Sounds great! For a variation, sometimes I like to add ‘craisins’ and curry seasoning, too.

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