I’m not going to do it….really

I am writing this right now, just so I can make myself stick to my guns.  Because now that you all know my temptation to do what I decided I would not do (or you will in a moment), it would be embarrassing to fail to keep my promise to myself.

I started a new diet 3 weeks ago or so.  Not a weight loss diet but a more healthy diet, although I’ve been delighted to have lost some unwanted pounds.  I am only supposed to eat lean meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and eggs are ok too.  It is surprisingly very easy to stick to once you get past the horrendous carb cravings the first week. 

For Easter my daughter wanted to make these cute little bird nest things.  They are made with rice krispie treats.  Unfortunately rice krispie treats are not a meat, fruit, or vegetable.  They are however, one of my most favorite foods in the whole world (when homemade of course.)  My daughter just left with my niece and now I am left at home with warm, gooey, delicious rice krispie treats in my kitchen and no distractions.  I keep thinking,  I could just have one bite….what’s the harm in that.  But I know if I do, I talk myself into more, and then not only will I been super disappointed in myself, then I will have to deal the raging carb cravings all over again.

So officially, NO rice krispie treats for me!

Just to make sure, ask me about it later, ok?


17 thoughts on “I’m not going to do it….really

  1. Serenity says:


    My friend has gone on a similar diet. We met for coffee a few weeks ago but all she had was ice water. She’s lost a lot of weight though.
    Good luck on your plan!

    Rice Krispies sort of look like seeds…..or that’s what I would tell myself anyway. But you are much stronger I’m sure!


    • Ally says:

      Serenity, That’s cool, when I started this diet and started looking for blogs about it (for inspriration and recipies) it seemed like more people where doing it than I thought. Anyway, I am allowed to have coffee, but I don’t bc I need cream and sugar with it 🙂 Maybe your friend is the same way.

  2. mouse says:


    Honestly if you resist, you have waaaaaay more will power than mouse could ever have!


  3. cedeno says:

    Oh funny! Yeh, I would be toast too, if it were something I liked. I don’t like rice crispy treats, so I’ll come stand guard for you!!!

  4. KayLynn says:

    Ally when I go outside my preferences of ch/eating I make sure it is really worth stepping into the moment. I’m on the non impulsive prepurchased expensive dark chocolate. Then I know it is worth it!

    • Ally says:

      KayLynn, I am allowed to have dark chocolate (a little, not a ton), but I love it. Have you tried the dark chocolate with chili pepper in it? That’s one of my faves! Definately worth it!

  5. agog says:

    Rice Crispy Treats are my favorite too…I’m sending good vibes your way! Good luck and *hugs*

  6. Jane Marie Dee says:

    Hang in there Ally! Think about why you want to resist the treats, instead of just trying not to think about resisting the treats–that helps me stay on track.


  7. I’d be really interested in hearing more about how you’re feeling as this new eating plan progresses. I’ve been toying with the idea of trying something similar myself.

    love and hugs xxx

    • Ally says:

      elle, It’s been an interesting experience. My mom convinced me to give it a try bc part of the idea is to keep your blood sugar very stable. The past couple months have been really hard for me emotionally and she was thinking that (it talks about it in the book “The Paleo Diet” by Loren Cordain) that it is supposed to help with depression and so on… I think that it has helped a little, but I also increased my meds and things calmed down a bit at home too. It’s hard to say what caused what. I will say that once past the carb cravings, my appetite and hunger level decreased significantly. I have had more energy and I’ve lost 6lbs in 3 weeks. Mentally, I feel clearer, more focused. The book I read suggests having one meal a week that you can have whatever you want, last week (on purpose) I took two days. It really messed me up as far as cravings go, I won’t be doing that again. This is the most restrictive diet I’ve ever tried, but oddly, the easiest to stick to. I have to give up all my favorite things, but now I don’t seem to want them anymore.
      Good luck if you decide to try it, and if you want I can send you some links to some good websites.

  8. mouse says:

    well??? how did it go?


    • Ally says:

      mouse, It was really really painful- but I resisted! Not quite as temped this morning 🙂 Thanks for your help, I don’t know if I would have made it without knowing I would have to confess this morning 🙂

  9. Ally, Well, I suppose there all gone now. Not that YOU had any. But if I’d have commented sooner, I would have said, Who would eat such a vile disgusting hunk of junk like that! It turns my stomach just to think about it! Yuck! Just yuck! Those are for kids. Save your calories for something more grown-up.
    So if I did, would it have worked? BTW, did you save me one? 😉

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