A peek into our bedroom

 Last night I tried to give Brad a hint when I asked him to put lotion on my legs after I got out of the shower.  I’m perfectly capable of doing this myself, but if I want to be enticing this is a good way to go about it…  I’ll skip the reasons why.  It would be a little too much for my innocent little blog 😉 

It didn’t really work because the kids were still awake, and then we watched a movie.

So later when we went back to bed…….

Ally:  Are you up for anything?

Brad:  Like what?  Did you have something in mind?

Ally:  Mmmmm… I don’t know… maybe…   (you know, ’cause I’m a staight forward kind of girl)

Brad:  Are you talking about a quickie, or do you want the whole nine yards?

Ally:  (Thinking………)   I’d settle for a quickie….BUT  I am really starting to miss the whole nine yards, I’m starting to get a little cranky  (I did get approximately “5 yards” on Christmas Eve, which is which is why I was happy with a quickie and he has to work in the morning)

Brad:  You’re getting cranky? (laughing)

(Ok, maybe I’ve kept that on the inside.  I had a wonderful two days, Christmas and Christmas Eve, and we had a blast with all of our family, but now that it’s past I feel about 10 lbs lighter.)

Ally:  Yep, cranky. 

(fast forward to after quickie)

Ally:  You know, they say that men who have 5 orgasms a week live longer… (I heard this on a talk show back in the college days and I have never forgotten it, I have no idea if it’s true or not)   I don’t think that’s very hard to achieve.

Brad:  No, not for us, but for average people (haha, avg people?)….  it seems like the avg for most couples if they’re lucky is once a week.

Ally:  (LOL, that used to be us)  I guess being kinky is the trick,  all the kinky bloggers I know seem to be having plenty of sex, aren’t you glad we’re kinky?

Brad: Yes


Adding spanking and D/s to our relationship made a big difference in our relationship and completely transformded our sex life for the better.  It’s a lot of work, and we are still working on it, but I can’t imagine it not being there.

How has being kinky or whatever you have changed affected your sex life?


11 thoughts on “A peek into our bedroom

  1. Sara says:

    Well good for you! And this was cute, but I’m still not telling! 😉

  2. B'Man says:

    A charming exchange between you two. Thanks for that little peek.
    I feel sorry for the “average people”. Don’t you?

  3. Serenity says:


    Oh Yes! This lifestyle has most certainly changed our sex life. I had no complaints before but now it is out of this world. There still are times where life gets busy and it doesn’t happen as often as we’d like.


  4. SugarAnne says:

    Yes, the frequency has jumped, and I’m constantly looking to be… what’s the word? Serviced? And constantly looking to serve. When we started ttwd, I didn’t expect that at all. Nice surprise.


  5. greengirl says:

    oh yes – more – more often, more fun, more intensity, more connection, more being with him instead of just “there”. I’m glad to hear you had a good holiday and the chance to be with Brad as well.

  6. William says:

    Ours has definitely improved. I was lusk to get sex 2-3 times a month. I like it 4-5 times a week ro more. Some weeks I get that, some not, but she is much more willing and active than she was before. I even sometimes get it twice a day now.

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