love and coffee in the morning

Brad gave up coffee about a month ago so he could test whether it was part of the cause his restless leg syndrome that has been plaguing his sleep for years.  Fortunately (and unfortunately, because who wants to give up coffee?) it has done wonders for his sleep, he is doing so much better.  But now I have a small dilemma.  Brad has always made the coffee for us.  Always.  I don’t even have to think about it, it just shows up in morning conveniently right before I wake up.  He would get it ready in the morning the day before, before he even left for work.  The timer on the coffee maker took care of the rest.  

Since he wasn’t drinking coffee anymore he left it to me to deal with my own caffeine habit.   I don’t blame him, if you can’t have it yourself, why torture yourself.  The problem is Brad makes coffee that tastes good to me.  I however, do not.  He told me the coffee to water ratio but for some reason it just didn’t taste the same.  I gave up and restarted my McDonald’s ice coffee habit, that stuff is dangerous.  A few weekends ago Brad broke down and started going out to get decaf in the morning.  It wasn’t practical for us to go out for coffee everyday so I bought some decaf to make at home.  I just drank decaf with him, effectively giving me zombie status the rest of the day.  Brad couldn’t even handle the small amount of caffeine in his system from what little amount is in decaf, so I was left coffeeless again.  Your probably thinking, “Ally, are you so lazy that you can’t be bothered to make your own coffee?”  Well, no, but I would forget, I’d have to make it in the morning when I woke up, and also it tasted like crap.  I wasn’t enjoying it, what is the point? 

The point of this whole story is coming…I promise.  On Monday morning I woke up, walked into the kitchen and Brad tells me he just made coffee for me.  It was decaf but he still earned best husband on earth award from me.  And then he set it up for the next day, with regular coffee!!  AND THEN… I made more that afternoon for iced coffee and he set it up again, without even saying a word about it.  So the point of my post is – wow, isn’t that SO sweet?  He might as well be bringing me roses and chocolate everyday for all it means to me.  It’s so nice to have good coffee in the morning.  Thanks Brad, your the best!!!


4 thoughts on “love and coffee in the morning

  1. B'Man says:

    That was nice. Kudos to Brad! M’man!

  2. Jess M says:

    To be able to give to someone so completely and selflessly is amazing. You have a wonderful man. Unwrap and enjoy! *L*

  3. Ally, the funniest thing was I could smell coffee the whole time I read your post! I’m craving a cup big time now!
    Thoughtful acts like that just can’t be beat!
    You’re a lucky,(and well caffeinated), lady!

  4. Sara says:

    How sweet! And isn’t it just the best to be taken care of like that? Sometimes it is the little things that truly mean the most!

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