I’m sick, spank me please?

First things first, Love Our Lurker’s Day is just around the corner.  If you don’t know what that is, especially if you are a blogger, you should go check out Bonnie’s post at My Bottom Smarts.  It’s a fun event that you may want to participate in as a blogger and/or a reader.  

Now my post:

My little girl has a cold, my son has allergies, and now tonight my head feels really funny.  That weird feeling you get along with muscles aches and you’re sure you are about to get sick.  I will start to feel like that if I am over tired, over stressed, or when I am actually getting sick.  Usually I can head it off by taking a hot bath and going to bed early.  I haven’t had an actual cold in a long time.  It’s funny to me how at these times of personal weakness I desire things that I normally associate with the opposite of what you’d expect.  Activities that bring on excitement, nervousness, sexual tension, energy, pain, and they end in exhaustion.  I’m thinking of spanking, some types of play, and especially that thing that he does that I have a love/hate feeling about (although I might be starting to enjoy it).  Lately, at the times that I feel physically down, I’m craving some very specific things from Brad.  So why would I be wanting to put my body through more physical stress?     Well, I mentioned the exhaustion, and while wearing out my body even further might seem like a poor idea, stressed out exhaustion and tension-relieved exhaustion are totally different feelings.  The first leaves you anxious and the second is dreamy and soothing.  Spanking almost always leaves me feeling relaxed, and the whole ordeal of the night brings out love and connectedness between us.   Then there is that thing he does…it brings out submissive feelings that seem to over ride my thought processes.  It’s hard to explain, and yet I have a feeling a lot of you know what I am talking about.  What he does, it makes him gentle but poweful, it makes me struggle to accept but completely surrender.  I feel certain things less and other things more.  I’m lost now, what was I even talking about?  Oh yeah, just going to say that is one of the things I cautiously desire, even when I’m not feeling so hot.  All of it brings some sort of comfort.  Chicken soup….no thanks, but I’ll take a spanking.

8 thoughts on “I’m sick, spank me please?

  1. Mick says:

    Ally, I hope you get what you need to stay well. And I’m just a tad confused about that thing Brad does, but I don’t think I want to know… LOL.

  2. KayLynn says:

    Awwww Hey Ally, I really hope you don’t get sick & do get spanked. Somehow when our body feels it is getting weak, we need him to be strong. Makes perfect sense to me! Hope those kiddos feel better soon too!

    • Ally says:

      Kaylynn, well, thankfully I never got sick, and the kids are doing better too. My poor little girl had a fever for two days but you know little kids, it takes a lot to keep them down.

  3. SugarAnne says:

    I’ve been told that there are those times when the strength of a man is so much more effective than chicken soup. Apparently a little Slap & Tickle is great for those days when your body feels fatigued and drained. Grab some vitamin C, and tell him what you need from him… and tell me how it goes. Perhaps this is something that I neeed to try in these circumstances.


    • Ally says:

      SugarAnne, it’s funny how that night worked out, after I wrote my post I went out to the family room to find him asleep on the couch. I didn’t have the heart to wake him and since I was tired too I was just as happy to go to sleep. There are sometimes when it works out and sometimes when it doesn’t. I can tell you my past experiences with the same type of situation have been wonderful. So I suppose there has been a sort of positive association building up. Spanking can/usually is very relaxing (when it’s over) for me. That helps a lot.

  4. Ally, I hate cold and allergy season, but i love the fall season.Hope you all are better soon too. We have a bit of this at our house, no fun! “Tension-relieved exhaustion” sounds good to me too! Love the terminology!
    You said, “I feel certain things less and other things more. I’m lost now, what was I even talking about?”
    LOL! 🙂

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