dominant texting

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, for some reason the longer I wait, the harder it gets to write.  I actually don’t have a lot going on except being extremely busy with the daily grind.  Wake up – coffee- take kid to school – clean/errands/whatever – pick up kid from school- help with homework – make dinner – workout/walk/relax a little – go to bed and repeat.   I’ve been keeping up with blogs I read but I haven’t been thinking a whole lot about ttwd.  Unfortunately, sex and kink have taken a back burner lately to all things vanilla.  Imagine my surprise when I get a text this morning from Brad saying I should be expecting some “aggressively dominant” messages.   I wondered exactly what that might mean and thanked him for the warning.  I’m not sure what I was expecting but at the first text those old familiar butterflies made themselves known.  Second text, butterflies multiplied.  It’s been a while since we’ve done this and I felt/feel uneasy and nervous.   Brad’s not saying anything that you’d be surprised to read on any spanking blog,  I am just not used to him being so..umm…forward.  He also asked, sorry, strongly insisted that I call him sir.  He doesn’t ask for that often and it feels so awkward to say/type it.  It makes me feel vulnerable, but maybe that’s the point. 

Then he said something that started to freak me out a little bit.  (This is actually playing it’s self out while I’m writing this post.)  I did the brave thing and told him that he was starting to scare me.  What happened next was music to my ears, he said just what I needed to hear.  He said that he understood why I felt that way but if I would just trust him he would take care of me.  He doesn’t normally say stuff like that… so I am glad he did, it makes me feel safer. 

He also said “good girl”, which never fails to send shivers up and down my body.  That phrase is almost as delicious as a playful “bad girl”, don’t you think?  😉  

I sure hope the kids sleep deeply tonight….


7 thoughts on “dominant texting

  1. KayLynn says:

    Wow! It sounds like he wants to live up to a rather respectful & resoponsible station in life. Good for you for saying he started to scare you (although he gets credit for the warning)! Trust is huge and I know it’s where you want to be. I think deep down, those of us who are seeking it,end up marrying the (initially vanilla) men that we do because we know they’ll grow into that role. Like many, Brad wanted to please you and became more involved in this lifestyle. I wish you and he a wonderful time reconnecting. KayLynn

  2. linda says:

    Sounds like a wonderful evening..night..ahead of you! There are key words that just start those butter flies going…sometimes just a raised eyebrow. Enjoy! good luck! abby

  3. B'Man says:

    Well aren’t you about as happily nervous as you can be?!

  4. I need to read this to JJ so he can get some ideas of his own. I hope your night turns out to be all that Brad has built up for you, and more. 😉


  5. Mick says:

    We’ve had a similar lull at our house but it’s about to come to an end this evening. Excuse the pun but I hope all has come to a happy end.

  6. Sara says:

    Hope the night brings all you wish for!

  7. Ally, I’m sitting here smiling for you! It’s great when they participate FOR us. But when they initiate in such a dominate way, well that’s like getting not only an ice cream sundae, but whipped cream and sprinkles on it too! 🙂

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