There must be something in the air….. I keep seeing comments and posts about women wanting and the men are… too busy?  distracted? clueless? I don’t know, is it a phase we all just roll in and out of?  As I was thinking about some things last night I all of sudden realized that Brad and I haven’t had sex since Monday or Tuesday of last week.  Prespanking days that might not have been long enough, but for the past couple years, it’s practically unheard of to go so long.  I don’t typically keep track or have a specific quota I’d like to reach for the week, but I was starting to feel the stirrings of interest and wanting and it almost felt strange.  I’m still trying to get back on schedule and catch up on rest, and last week there was a reason we didn’t have sex for a couple of days, but normally Brad would be knocking at the door of the earliest possible opportunity.   

So last night I asked him why he hasn’t been interested in sex lately.  He says he tried the other night.  Hmmm…. I don’t remember that and I commented that me rejecting him while unconscious shouldn’t really count and he obviously didn’t try very hard.  There have been many times that I’ve been half woken  up in the middle of the night for sex.  He can be persistent when he wants to be. There is a factor I haven’t mentioned yet…football.  He could potentially be consumed by football all day Sat, Sun, and let’s not forget Monday night.  Football is his thing, and I want him to be happy, to enjoy it.  I have my hobbies and he supports them, so I feel like I should not complain about all the football watching.  I just don’t want to feel disconnected the way I already do and I don’t want it getting in the way of our sex life.  One typically follows the other.  Don’t worry though, I am a veteran at this.  I’ve been married during football season over 11 yrs .  I’ll watch a game with him here and there and try to pay attention.  I’ll be on the laptop in the same room, or just read a book.  That will help a little.  Sigh… we’ll see.



3 thoughts on “distracted

  1. Mick says:

    Ally, when we go too long, I get more than cranky–I just get mad and moody and then I don’t know why. And football will never be a good substitute.

  2. Ally, sounds as though YOU were the one distracted, lol! It’s not this blogging business, is it? That is what distracts me many days.
    Seriously, you could always pull the plug on the boob-tube and tell him it’s broken if you’re in the mood. Isn’t the cold weather supposed to bring more snuggling etc?

  3. I used to do my own “half time show” before we had kids. Months of all weekend mental absences from the whole family definitely take their toll. I would think the kids would be feeling the effects as well as you. And then of course you would be getting full responsibility of them! It’s no wonder the domestic violence rate sky rockets on super bowl – by then, everyone’s had it!! I think that’s a good time when guys should cohabitate with guys and women with women! Everybody benefits! Best of Luck Ally, KayLynn

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