sex toys and birthdays

Gotcha with that title didn’t I… I hope you’re not disappointed, this post probably won’t be as exciting as you anticipated.  I actually just have a few random comments –

1. Some poor person googled “apple cider vinegar” and got my spanking blog.  I hope wasn’t my neighbor because we’ve been talking about it a lot.

2.  I got a new….ummm… “toy” recently because the old one was dying.  I’m going to call it a “toy” because I get embarrassed easily and I normally would not mention this kind of thing.   I think I might have a problem because it is so awesome I would like to stick it in my pocket all day, just bc it’s fun.  But I can’t, I have to be around people most of the time and it’s kind of loud.  And do I really need the extra help?  I’m practically a walking sex hormone half the time as it is.

3.  I really annoy myself with the “…” usage all the time, but seriously, I like to pause here and there, and I like write the way that I’m thinking it would sound if I were just talking out loud, so I don’t know how else to do that…. I hope I’m not annoying you too.

4. My vacation changed me a little bit.  I’m afraid to go into details about some things, in case someone I know runs across this, but also I feel so refreshed.  More than that, invigorated.  And it’s something that only could have happened with the girls I went with.  Can’t you tell how chipper I am?  Ally Steps Forward’s thoughts on love, life, and spanking have turned into “yay for sex toys!”.  Not that there is anything wrong with that…

5.  My birthday is this weekend.  I will be 30 something.  I can’t believe how much I have changed in the past year.  The amount of events and emotional upheaval that I’ve waded through, it’s been a while since life has been that hard.  My grandma died, Brad had three surgeries, and I had a blood clot.  We dealt with drug withdrawal, back pain, and RLS.  Brad and I had some issues this summer, but honestly, he really rose to the occasion and helped bring us back together.  I’m proud of how he’s handled all his health problems.  He’s been down and depressed at times but never ever gave up looking for a solution.  It’s been like wading waist deep in mud, but he’s worked really hard and get to where he is now.  I also feel like I’ve come out on other side a better person, a smarter person, and a more happy and much more confident person.  It’s not been a wasted year.  There are things left yet to tackle, of course, there always will be, but I feel like I’ve climbed stairs instead sliding to the bottom.  There were definitely times that I was nervous, afraid, unsure, insecure, but I made it through!  So for right now, I am happy with where I am sitting.  Some of you have been an unending source of support and care and I am so grateful for you all.  (Guess I got back to being a little more serious.  Oh well, some things never change).


13 thoughts on “sex toys and birthdays

  1. Sir J says:

    just the right amount of annoying I should think.

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Ronniesoul says:

    You forget to tell us about your new toy 🙂

    Best wishes for a lovely birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day.


  3. Happy Birthday in advance. (New toys are ALWAYS fun, btw ;))


  4. mouse says:

    Happy Birthday my friend!

    New toys are always a good thing (I call mine Bob…battery operated boyfriend).


    Hugs and happiness,

  5. sugaranne says:

    Happy Birthday, Ally. And don’t worry about the over usage of the ellipsis… I am still the reigning queen in that area.
    I hope you have a wonderful celebration.


  6. Happy Birthday Ally! I’m glad you had a great time with your gf’s! My sister believed that having her pocket device actually made her a better mother – she uses it while vacuuming. Needless to say her floors look great! Yeah for all the hurdles you and Brad have gotten over. So much in such a short time period… the ellipsis means you have many thoughts crossing your mind – certainly not a bad thing…KayLynn

    • Ally says:

      Thanks Kaylynn, ummm…yes, it probably makes does make me a better mother, although I don’t think I’m talented enough to use it while vacuuming, but that is hilarious.

  7. Happy Birthday to you! Tell us all about your birthday spanking, lol! At least 30 huh? We’re all jealous out here!
    1)laughed hysterically 2)(fingers in my ears)La,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la
    3)I’m the same you know. Somedays I must look like Richard Nixon waving to someone in the crowd with my fingers 4)Yes, we can here you. Can you keep it down please? 5)Sometimes “vanilla” and “spanko” see eye to eye on things. Amazing, but true! I think that you’re secretly hoping that Brad reads this post and takes after you like KL’s husband. (ooo, did I say that?) 6)You have indeed had an interesting year. Here’s hoping that the next year is exciting in only the nicest of ways.
    Just a note to KL,(forgive my loud mouth) and you cracked me up! Does your sister’s husband know why the floors look so great! Oh, maybe she’s” happily single”,lol! I’m going to laugh every time I clean my floors, lol!

  8. Ally says:

    Thanks Elysia, hopefully this year is totally opposite in the health dept.

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