hmmm…. part 2

Black strap molasses…just another (disgusting) ingredient my husband is downing for his health.  I admire his resolve, it looks like sludge to me.  I’ve tried it (once), and at first it smells and tastes a bit like black licorice, which I really like, but it quickly made me feel like I might throw up.  I did manage to drink it mixed into a few ounces of warm water.  Seriously, I felt nauseous for about 24 hours.  The positive is that, hey, it’s really good for you!  Go ahead and google it, I’ll wait….  My husband had been reading a lot on a particular website called, in case anyone is interested.  There are a lot of interesting testimonials there also.  Some even said that their gray hairs disappeared.  The best news – you can get it in capsule form.


2 thoughts on “hmmm…. part 2

  1. SugarAnne says:

    Yeah! Capsule form! I’m so relieved… cause the smell and taste of that stuff is truly scary. Thanks for the info and the link. I’ve learned quite a bit in just the last 20 minutes of tooling around in Earthclinic.


  2. Ally, I must tell you that I actually LOVE the taste of molasses and I always have! It’s a very strong taste, and a little bitter, but I crave it and always have some when I make gingerbread. I knew there was iron in it, but I didn’t know anything about the gray hair theory. My kids make new gray hair grow on my head daily, so molasses effects wouldn’t last long! 😉

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