things that make you go…hmmm? part 1

Raise your hand if you have ever drank vinegar…..  That’s what I thought, who would do that willingly?  Because eww, it is so disgusting.  Apparently lots of people do… and Brad has been reading about all the amazing things that apple cider vinegar can do for someone.  Specifically for Brad, it seems to have cured the jumpy twitchy muscle thing that has been making him miserable for years.  I almost can’t believe it.  He has been searching and searching, been to every kind of doctor you can imagine, scoured the internet for years, I mean YEARS!  I’ve heard of people taking it in pill form as a supplement for weight loss, but not really for anything else.  It will detox your body, balance your body’s pH levels, and break down fat.  Oh, and extra bonus, his sex drive has shot through the roof.  Although that is probably just be bc he’s actually getting some sleep now.  He says he’s not felt this good in a long time.  Since the first night that Brad started taking it (2 tbs at a time) he’s been sleeping great.  It’s been about 5 nights now.  If you know what we’ve been through with him and his lack of being able to sleep it is nothing short of a miracle.  Seriously.

Have anyone else ever tried taking apple cider vinegar?

ps.  He dilutes it with a little bit of water.  I tried it straight once and may as well have been pouring pure alcohol down my throat, it burned so bad.  I have put it in orange juice (1 tbs in about 6 oz) and I can barely taste it.


18 thoughts on “things that make you go…hmmm? part 1

  1. Elysia says:

    Hi Ally, yes it does sound odd,but I have heard of it. Actually, you can read about it on the blog, The Art of Being Feminine. I’ve not tried it, but hmm, sleep problem solved? Sounds interesting. I’m going to get some and try it. All I have right now is white, raspberry and balsamic. I think it’s the apple kind that is most effective. Thanks! I’ve also heard that people drink aloe vera. I’m glad Brad is having such good results! 🙂

    • Ally says:

      Aloe juice is supposed to be great for digestion. I had a friend who took it for her IBS. I have had it and it tastes just like stale water. You can also spray it on your hair and leave it in overnight but I have something more effective, stay tuned for part 3! Let me know if you try the apple cider vinegar and if it helps you at all…

  2. elle says:

    I haven’t tried it, but my cousin’s mother in law used to drink it regularly and swore it helped her enormously. I hadn’t heard it helped with sleep problems….I’d be tempted to try it for that reason alone! Glad its helping Brad.

    love and hugs to you both. xxx

    • Ally says:

      Elle – it seems like it helps with lots of things, let me know if you try it and if it helps, I’m curious about how it might help other people.

  3. lovedandled says:

    Ally –

    Interesting indeed. Did Brad’s sleep issues have anything to do with restless leg syndrome or feeling restless and unable to lie still in general? I find that this is whats starting to happen to me, so I’m curious. I also have annoying muscle twitches quite frequently, but I was wondering if this vinegar thing would possibly help with restless leg syndrome.


  4. mouse says:

    Ally…Oh ya mouse has heard of it..tried it once for a while but didn’t find any health benefits. Of course O argued it might have unseen health benefits (He still drinks it daily).


  5. Ally, it’s a great thing. There’s a fairly common belief that, mixed with red peppers and gargled, it kills strep throat.

    Just don’t use white vinegar, that is not good for you!


    • Ally says:

      Serenity, wow, red peppers? That sounds painful. Could the cure be worse than the disease? J/K It would make sense, I know vinegar is antibacterial, I wonder if it is antiviral too?

  6. Mick says:

    I’ve heard of it, too. My mom made me try it once and it nearly killed me. But hey, if it works for Brad, that’s wonderful.

  7. Oh, wow, this is nice to know. I haven’t slept well, going on a month. I do get in these cycles and they just have to pass, but I think it’s worth a try. Thanks for sharing,

    Kady (who is off to the store for apple cider vinegar in hopes of getting some sleep)

  8. Ronniesoul says:

    I’ve heard that it’s good for the digestive tract but never tried it myself. Interesting to know it helped Brad sleep so will have to give it a go as I’m a really bad sleeper.

    Thanks Ally.


  9. SugarAnne says:

    I had heard that it was great for breaking down fat… so when I first started dieting and working out, I began taking it regularly, and it was working quite well until BabyMan asked me to stop because he could smell it coming out of my pores. Apparently it gives off quite a pungent odor once it builds up in your system. But it does work.


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