Celebrities get spanked too

A post in honor of Bonnie’s brunch question over at My Bottom Smarts, it reminded me of this….


8 thoughts on “Celebrities get spanked too

  1. SugarAnne says:

    I love this interview. And frankly, if anyone deserves a spanking, it’s Sarah Silverman. Have you seen her show? She is truly twisted. Thanks for posting this. I’m always up for a good laugh.


    • Ally says:

      SugarAnne- I couldn’t agree more, she definately deserves a spanking. I don’t know if she still is, but when she did this interview she was dating the guy who created the Family Guy show. If you’ve even seen that show for more than three minutes you wouldn’t be suprised that he was spanking somebody! I never have actually watched her show, I checked it out online sometime ago and didn’t get past the first few minutes. She isn’t really for me…

  2. Mick says:

    Hi Ally, I’ve seen this before and it’s entertaining. I think it’s one of those professionally written stories that actors buy so they can have something interesting to say on the talk show. But even so, it’s making the lifestyle seem a little more accepted.

    • Ally says:

      Mick, wow, I didn’t realize that people bought stories for interviews…that is weird but I suppose it doesn’t surprise me. Honestly though, if this story is going to believable from someone, Sarah Silverman would be the one. She so out there though, not sure if it helps or hinders 🙂

  3. Hermione says:

    Ally, I hadn’t seen that clip before, but I loved it. Thanks for posting it.


  4. Ally, I’d seen this too, and shared with Henry a while ago. We both thought it was hilarious. I’m not sure how true it is, but it really doesn’t matter. It always makes me smile when celebrities mention spanking in an adult context. It makes me feel like they are one of US. (giggles)

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