spanking needed

 I felt very similar to the way Elysia has been talking about last week.  It had been several weeks since any kind of spanking and I was feeling quite needy.  I also hesitate to ask when my guy has got other difficult things going on.  I’m beginning to get that it’s nice, but doesn’t do a whole lot for us.  I posted about my need one day last week.  Because I’d let my feelings get to far without saying anything, because I was too miserable, it became an argument instead and I was mad instead of spanked. 

Brad was trying to fix the situation and started barking orders at me to get back to our room.  Ummm… at that point it was starting to seem less like fun and more like… a serious spanking, from someone I was just arguing with.  No thanks.  So like any intelligent girl, I flat-out refused.  I really don’t like the rude tone he uses sometimes and honestly, my feelings were hurt and I felt neglected.  However, refusal doesn’t EVER get me anywhere and I shouldn’t have done it.  He wasn’t going to wrestle with me, nor was he going to be sweet and attentive all of a sudden.  The end….for a while anyway.

Several days later we had worked things out.  Saturday night we were settling down to watch a movie, the kids were in bed and asleep.  He sat down next to me and stealthfully lured (pulled) me over his lap.  He’d been touching my butt  and whispering sweet dominant comments in my ear all evening so I wasn’t too surprised.  I melted into his lap and settled in for some intimate business.  He pulled my panties down along with my shorts and started spanking, very, very lightly. 

Ahhh…so relaxing. 

And then…WHACK.  (What?  What just happened here?) 

“Remember the other day when I told you to go back to the bedroom and you said no?”  (Oh crap, really?  That’s what this is about? Not good…)

“Uhhh… yes” I said. 

There was more of the same, but not for very long.  It’s been so long since I’ve had a hard spanking and it hurt a lot.  I was squirming right away.  I tend to get very worked up during that kind of spanking.  I’m not loud like some people, but I kind of wish I could be.  Instead I whine and whimper and the rest of my energy automatically comes out in physical struggle.   I try so hard to stay still, but my body DOES NOT listen to me.  When my body realizes it isn’t going anywhere my breathing rates increases to about 100x’s it normal speed. It must be a reaction to not being in control of my body or feeling trapped.  It had gotten better for a while and now it’s worse than before.  It’s not that big of a deal, it’s just weird while it’s happening.  Anyway, after that he said it was over and it was back to the fun stuff.

This was an isolated discipline event, given that we haven’t really had the conversation yet about getting back to DD.  It’s coming, I’ve been preparing for it, because it’s that important.  It’s important that we are on the same page first, about everything.  So we are getting there…


7 thoughts on “spanking needed

  1. Sara says:

    Ally, yes, it’s so important that you talk and get on the same page. I assume the spanking for the “No” was in jest, as you had decided and then agreed that discipline was off the table.

    I hope lots of good communication and growth can come out of this step back you guys took. Sometimes a step back needs to come before several steps forward.

  2. Mick says:

    It’s sort of a dance we do, isn’t it. I want it/I don’t/Come here/Not now/Just wait/I didn’t mean it/Oww.

  3. Hooks, Ally. Stay away from the hooks! They dangle down and draw you close with their pleasing shapes and their pink island colors. And just when you think you found the island of milk and honey they grab you by the britches and haul you way up high. Then higher, and higher, and higher until you’re hauled up to the surface flopping and gasping for air. And then they spank ya and lecture ya or worse!
    (What could be worse than that?) They take away your blogging time. They’re cruel I tell ya! Stay away from the hooks!

    • Ally says:

      Elysia, hahahahahahaha! I am so glad you sent me the explanation about that, I’ve not seen that episode but it was funny anyway. I definately got hooked there…

  4. Hey Ally, I really needed to think before I commented. I think that you would be better served to say to Brad “I feel afraid when I know you are mad at me. I know I could’ve done better by you, by us by communicating my needs to be spanked” (and not becoming angry when you are clueless to my feelings).

    Or better yet, well before that part of your dance and from here on out:

    Find your voice. Otherwise this turns into a cycle of self sabotage (something I was recently called out on by Brian).

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