needing special attention

I am wound up tighter  than a spring these days and very very moody.  This is me 🙂  😦  🙂  🙂 😦 😦 😦 🙂

I don’t think I’ve been spanked for ANY reason since July 15th, the last time I posted about it…very unusual.  There has been a lot of activity around here lately, and that is part of why, we are both busy or tired or both.  I’ve been extra tired because I have been working overtime to not let my moodiness turn into rudeness.  I do pretty well most of the time anyway.  I’m hoping tonight is the night, I need it badly.   

I think some sexting is in order…


3 thoughts on “needing special attention

  1. Sara says:

    Ask and ye shall recieve?

  2. Emilie says:

    I hope that you got the special attention that you are needing. I’ve been going through the same up and down roller coaster lately and it hasn’t been fun at all.

    I agree with Sara – perhaps it’s time to ask if it hasn’t already happened.

    {{hugs}} and I hope you’re feeling more like your usual self soon.


  3. I agree with how difficult it can be to keep ourselves in check when moodiness strikes. It sounds as though you were able to hold things together better than I was. I hope things are better now. Sexting! Very funny!

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