I could use some help

One of the best things about online/blogging friends is they are always so great about offering words of support or encouragement.  It is not me who needs encouragement this time though, it’s Brad.   The withdrawal from the pain killers was really hard on him this weekend, he hasn’t been able to sleep much, and that wears him down even more.  He is concerned about how long he will have to deal with the side effects.  I know that he can make it through this but it’s taking a toll on him emotionally as much as it is physically.  Trying to keep him in a positive frame of mind is getting difficult.  I know some of you out there have been through similar ordeals.  I would be so grateful if any of you could share any helpful advice or words of encouragement, and I will make sure he sees them.



8 thoughts on “I could use some help

  1. mouse says:


    I’m sorry that Brad is going through this. Withdrawals suck. No other way of sugar-coating it. Just stay the course and soon he’ll find each day becomes a little bit easier.

    Big hugs,

  2. lovedandled says:

    Ally –

    I know how Brad feels….I too have become dependent on narcotics and other strong prescription pain killers because of chronic pain in my back that hinders my life and severely limits my activities.

    Brad should talk to his doctor. I know that there are medications out there that will help/prevent/ease withdrawal symptoms and possibly calm him and make him feel a little better. Someone told me about a few of these meds, I know one of them is called “suboxone”. I think it has a small dose of narcotic in it and a drug that eases withdrawl from other meds….none the less it is used to help people through what Brad is experiencing, so maybe you guys could talk to his doctors(s) about it and find out if it could be an option to help get him through this rough patch while he weans himself off the meds. I’m not a doctor, of course, so I know nothing…just trying to help by passing along valid information that someone was kind enough to share with me a while back.

    Best of luck to you (and Brad) –

  3. Emilie says:

    A very wise person gave me some good advice many years ago:

    “This too, shall pass.”

    If he can focus on just getting through each moment and not worrying about what comes next, he will be feeling better before he realizes it.

    Are there activities he enjoys that he could get himself “lost in” – like a tv series, or a hobby etc?

    So far as sleep goes, melatonin is a safe, inexpensive, and non-addictive supplement. It is a hormone naturally made by the body and triggers the sleep cycle – it’s often used by people to help with jetlag. It won’t keep him asleep, but if part of his trouble is the initial falling asleep, it may help. There are some nice relaxation exercises available – perhaps if he looks in to some sort of relaxation or hypnosis he will find some help from that.

    Best wishes to the both of you. I’m sure you must be getting close to the turning point now.


  4. Mick says:

    Ally, so sorry to hear about this, but my admiration to Brad to staying with it. He really needs to talk to a doctor if he’s not getting his sleep. That can cause its own problems but there’s probably something he could take.

  5. Sara says:

    Hi Brad,

    My husband had a very bad accident about 9 years ago and broke his neck. He was on pain meds for quite a while and when it came time to get off them, I know he suffered. The doctor he saw explained that part of addiction is a physiological response, and the feelings of pain increase as you try to back off the meds. It is a mind/body thing that makes you feel like you need the pain relief when you really don’t. The only way through is to fight. A slow decrease will eventually work and lots of love and support from Ally will help. The good news is that he did get through it and you can too..one day at a time.

    Hang in there! Sara

  6. Ally and Brad,
    It sounds like you’ve gotten some great advice. I don’t have anything to add other than my best wishes for a steady and successful recovery from all of this.

  7. Ronniesoul says:

    Ally, I’m sorry this is happening to Brad and I’m sorry I have no real advice or tips but wanted to stop by and my best wishes for a speedy recovery.


  8. Ally says:

    mouse, Jenn, Emilie, Mick, Sara, Elysia, Ronnie – Thanks so much for your comments, I am going to email them to Brad. I really appreciate you taking the time to help.

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