curiosity gets the cat spanked

Remember I told you that I have lots of days that I long for spanking all day long, I keep it to myself and then generally lose my nerve and/or desire by the time there is any likelihood for it to happen?  I ousted myself from my hiding spot and texted my poor shaky, jittery husband at work about all the horrible implements I’d like to be introduced to my bottom.  He didn’t seem overly excited but did say that he’d appreciate something to take out his frustration on.  Anything I can do to help dear…  Just to fill you in, I’d mentioned that his wife was really in need of spanking (it had been almost 4 days, I can’t seem to get enough), and maybe the regulars (leather paddle, belt) should be involved, but also the hated (wood spoon) and the unknown (dowel rod in my closet left over from a project) because I’m just so darn curious.  I was not thinking straight, I blame the hormones!

As soon as I sent the text I thought, “oh my, what have I done?  No turning back now though… let’s see what happens.”  When he got home there were no sly smiles from him, indicating that he was not thinking about the prior text conversation and using the items I’d suggested, so maybe there was no need to be nervous.  By 10:45pm I heard him call me from upstairs “Hey Ally” “yeah?”, “come up here”.  Sigh…here we go.  I went upstairs and mentioned I was going to go brush my teeth (and avoid direct eye contact.)  As I was brushing my teeth Brad kept walking past the bathroom door, I took that time to say “Oh honey…uhh I’m going to chicken out, I don’t really want use all those things I texted about…”.  “Oh really” he said as if completely uninterested and walked away.  I watched and prayed he was not walking towards the kitchen (where the spoon is).  He did not, but everything else came out and he added another paddle that stings like crazy.  When I walked back into our bedroom, there he was, with all the implements.  “Hey, did you hear when I said I didn’t want to do all that anymore?” “Yeah, yeah I know.”  (You girls know what I mean when I say that I was serious but I was also hoping that was not going to let me get away that.  If he had I would have been very disappointed in him.)  He did not, and with authority in tact he “asked” me to come over to his side of the bed.  I was so nervous and I took my time, but when I got there, under the guise of a really big hug, I wrapped my arms around his neck and held on tight.  (I’ve be known to do that in the past, he will have to peel me off of him if he wants to spank me.)  It’s been a long time since I’ve had the kind of spanking that pushed any sort of limits.  He’s been very careful with me the past couple months, as soon as I would complain he would stop.  I’d implied earlier that I didn’t want that this time.  So I was now freaking out a little bit.  I begged him to please, please, please, start slow, not too hard, as he guided (pushed) me over one of his legs.  He eased my mind by starting lightly.  He used both paddles and they weren’t too bad at first, but the stingy one got me squirming pretty well and he was having to pin my arms.  By the time he started with the belt it felt nothing.  I was totally relaxed.  I did still have my panties on though, which helped.  Then he stopped and asked me to bend over the bed, alarm bells went off in my head and I realized he was reaching for what we call “the big stick”.  “WAIT! Hang on, just wait a sec” (my delay tactic is just to keep repeating that…) “we’ve never done this before, be really careful, I’m scared, be really easy with that thing”.  If he wasn’t actually rolling his eyes, he was doing it internally, I couldn’t see his face because he was trying to get me back into position but I could hear it in his voice.  “Just bend over…” I couldn’t decide if his confidence was comforting or nerve racking.  When he started I had to stifle laughter, partly because of my nervousness and partly because he was barely touching me.  I let loose a big sigh of relief and WHACK, yeah, that one hurt big time!  I jumped up and let him know it.  We laughed a little over it, but then he moved me over to another spot where my hands were much lower and my butt was much more vulnerable.  After a few more burning swings to my back side I was done, and he let me be done.  My butt was so hot I could feel the heat radiating off of it, right through my panties.  And yet… after Brad put everything away I asked if he would wrap it all up by finishing with his hand.  It’s a sickness, I know…  🙂


10 thoughts on “curiosity gets the cat spanked

  1. Sara says:

    It sounds like you had some fun playing together…and I’m thinking the play was much needed! I’m glad for you!

  2. Mick says:

    Did it help Brad feel better?

  3. BabyMan says:

    That sounds like it was alot fun for you. I’m glad Brad came through and didn’t back away. It’s great when you cut a new edge and grow a little.

    • Ally says:

      BabyMan- Back away? Brad? Ha ha ha ha… Just kidding, but seriously, the only thing I’ve ever seen Brad hesitate to spank me with is a very solid looking bamboo bathbrush, I’ve believe it’s touched me once and that’s it. That was quite a while ago, I’m thinking he’s forgotten about it. It’s hanging in the hallway closet now, and hopefully stays there.

  4. Wow Ally, so much wonderful activity. I guess that you’re both feeling better. So glad to read about your adventure!

  5. I see what you mean about some of your best sessions including laughter. I’m hoping Fair Lady comes down with a really bad case of the sickness.

  6. Ally says:

    Dark Knight, wishing you lots of luck!

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