my year

I had a very nice July 4th and now I am relaxing, catching up on reading, and trying to get a post out.  I remembered that it wasn’t too long after I started this blog that I posted Happy July 4th, or something similar.  It also means that I missed my one year mark, it was June 15th I think.  June 15th is also my dog’s birthday, so you can see why I was distracted.  Anyway, it’s been a joy interacting with readers and friends through the blog.  I’m looking forward to another full year!


8 thoughts on “my year

  1. Ally, Happy 1 year blogging anniversary! That is so cool! I am going to go read your first post to celebrate. Hang on a second……..
    Oh, great first post, second and third are good too. I think I have to find some time to go back and read the rest. Oh, and “The yellow one is the sun!” LOL!

  2. Sir J says:

    Happy 4th Ally, everybody deserves a little independence.

  3. Ronniesoul says:

    Ally, Happy belated Blogiversary. I think a lot of us forget our first anniversary, I know I did.


  4. Mick says:

    Yes, Happy 1st bloggoversary (sp). It has been good getting to know you.

  5. Sara says:

    …and wishing you the very best in the blogging year to come! 🙂

  6. Ally says:

    Elysia – You are a Regan fan too? That’s awesome – “Take luck!”

    Sir J – Thanks!

    Ronnie – Thanks, good to know I’m among good company 🙂

    Mick – And you too! Thanks for continuing to read and offer comments.

    Sara – Thank you, I hope with this year comes with as much growth and happiness as (most of) last year 🙂 Thanks for being there for me always.

  7. Geesh… adding to the lateness here I come bringing up the rear….

    Congrats Ally, glad you are here, you were so kind to show me the ropes and make me welcome out here.

    Love the dog thing – please tell me you aren’t one of those who does the cake for the dog…

  8. Ally says:

    Kaylyn- on his (the dog) first birthday we had a party with his mom and all his sibs. It was a blast and I made the doggy cupcakes and we had doggy ice cream 🙂 We didn’t do anything for his second birthday, luckily he didn’t seem to notice.

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