10 reasons to smile

1.  there is a very cool spanking blog community at my fingertips

2. the sun is shining                                                                      

3. I have a fun time planned with friends for tonight 

4. Sunday is Father’s Day, a good reason to spoil dads

5.  Bear Naked Chocolate Granola (yummy)

6.  last night’s spanking 

7.  my libido is alive and kicking no matter what else is going on, dare I say I am smiling about hormones?

8.  flowers blooming in my yard 

9.  friends

10.  family



4 thoughts on “10 reasons to smile

  1. Ally,
    Thanks for such an “UP” post, and I’m glad that things are so good for you!

  2. M:e says:

    All very good reasons for you to smile…and it makes me smile that you’re smiling…lol.

    love and hugs xxx

  3. greengirliam says:

    It is worth the world for us to remember just these kinds of things – every day. Thank you – and enjoy!

  4. BabyMan says:

    You can’t beat that. Glad you’re up.

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