after the rain

Something weird was going on with wordpress last night.  I wrote a post about my daughter and I and when I went to press save it was gone all of sudden.  I was so mad and disappointed!  I started to try to rewrite it but it just wasn’t the same.  I will try again…

I was feeling pretty good yesterday evening.  More serene than I have felt in a long while.   It had rained all day and the skies had finally cleared up.  My daughter and I were home alone and she had gone out to swing after dinner.  I finished up cleaning the kitchen and headed out in the backyard to join her.  The air was a little heavy but the light was beautiful.  Everything seemed to be glowing, the birds were singing all over, and the neighborhood was very quiet and peaceful.  I sat down on the swing next to her and she said “Mommy, I love that you teached me how to swing”.  I smiled to myself,  she is so cute and sweet.  Then I told her “I love that you can swing by yourself too, now instead of pushing you I can swing next to you, we can swing together”.  And then it hit me.  She won’t be four forever, she will grow up.  Soon the amount of things that she can do for herself will outweight the things that she depends on me for,  it was bittersweet.  I love the way she is now, but I also look forward to all the things we can do together through the years.   I do hope though, that we continue to argue about who loves who more.  It’s an ongoing debate she has started   🙂

On a completely different topic, I’m slowly starting to get my spanking interest back.  I’m relieved and happily just a little sore.  Spanking and sex are making a come back in my house!  I don’t know if I’ll have any fun or interesting stories to tell anytime soon but one can only hope!

6 thoughts on “after the rain

  1. Mick says:

    Beautiful, Ally. I loved reading about your daughter. She sounds precious. Good for you to remember to enjoy.

  2. greengirliam says:

    What a beautiful time with her. The sun finally appeared here also, after what seemed like weeks of cold rain. They way they need us changes, but doesn’t end, and it is amazing meeting the people they become as it happens.

  3. KayLynn says:

    Thanks for the little slice of your life Ally. I love your topic for arguing. You are her world. It is a tough call!

    It brings back wonderful memories. Like you I wrote the moments down & occasionally finding my writings stuffed in books, reading them slips my heart immediately into the preserved moment. I took many pictures, wrote many words when they napped & I had no choice but to sing to them every night.

    Once when one of them was sick and the ancient age of fourteen, they asked me to sing to them. After convincing myself my voice could jump to the task, I closed my eyes and rubbed their forehead. It transported us both & maybe provided healing.

    I’m glad you understand the preciousness of your motherhood. And happy for the pathway toward reconnection. Don’t think of ‘fun or interesting’ topics – just learn to enjoy being you & we will enjoy the words.

  4. Sir J says:

    who doesn’t love swinging??? (get your minds out of the gutter people). I remember those days with my kids very well.

    The other thing you mentioned sounded good too 🙂

  5. Ally says:

    Mick – she really is the cutest, I’m not just saying that bc I’m her mom 🙂

    greengirl – it is and will be fun to watch her grow up

    Kaylynn – I do make a point to write all the funny things said and done, I know we will all appreciate it when they are older

    Sir J – I do love to swing, on the singset. 🙂

  6. amicablesettlement says:

    Hiya Ally 🙂
    Your daughter is at such a sweet age. Thanks for sharing such a precious moment with us. Glad to hear that spanking and sex are making a comeback. I know how much I miss it if there is a lull in the action. 🙂

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