Something light…

Seeing as how many of us work to find the balance of spending time online and spending time elsewhere, you may enjoy this article about Cyberspace Humor.  

Here are two excerpts:  

The Top 10 Signs You’re Addicted to the Net

10. You wake up at 3 a.m. to go to the bathroom and stop and check your e-mail on the way back to bed.

9. You get a tattoo that reads “This body best viewed with Netscape Navigator 1.1 or higher.”

8. You name your children Eudora, Mozilla and Dotcom.

7. You turn off your modem and get this awful empty feeling, like you just pulled the plug on a loved one.

6. You spend half of the plane trip with your laptop on your lap…and your child in the overhead compartment.

5. You decide to stay in college for an additional year or two, just for the free Internet access.

4. You laugh at people with 2400-baud modems.

3. You start using smileys in your snail mail.

2. The last mate you picked up was a JPEG.

1. Your hard drive crashes. You haven’t logged in for two hours. You start to twitch. You pick up the phone and manually dial your ISP’s access number. You try to hum to communicate with the modem.

You succeed.



Computers that act like people, people that act like computers. As our machines become more and more sophisticated – almost as sophisticated as their creators – we start to wonder whether there’s much of a difference between the two. Does the human mind work like a computer? Can computers become almost human? Interesting scientific and philosophical questions! These issues could lead to some rather maladaptive attitudes about human relationships that are parodied in jokes like this:


Seeking technical support for Girlfriend:I’m currently running the latest version of Girlfriend 2.0 and am having some problems. I’ve been running the same version of DrinkingBuddies 1.0 all along as my primary application, and all the Girlfriend releases have always conflicted with it. I hear DrinkingBuddies won’t crash if you run Girlfriend in background mode with the sound switched off. But I’m embarrassed to say that I can’t find the button to turn it off. I just run them separately, and it works OK. I probably should have stayed with Girlfriend 1.0, but I thought I might see better performance with Girlfriend 2.0.

My friend also told me that Girlfriend 2.0 expires within a year if you don’t upgrade to Fiancee 1.0. And after that, you have to upgrade to Wife 1.0, which he said is a huge resource hog. On top of that, Wife 1.0 comes bundled with MotherInLaw 1.0 which has an automatic pop-up feature that can’t be turned off. I told him to install Mistress 1.0, but he said that if you try to run it without first uninstalling Wife 1.0, that Wife 1.0 will delete MSMoney files before doing the uninstall itself. Then Mistress 1.0 won’t install anyway due to insufficient resources.

Anybody out there able to offer technical advice…….?


6 thoughts on “Something light…

  1. Sir J says:

    run submissive 1.1 I hear it does anything you want as long as your system in first configured in a Master/slave mode.

  2. KayLynn says:

    This is great! Love the last paragraph!

  3. jslittlelady says:

    very funny but a little scarry in that I recognized myself in couple of those and J just threatened to take me off the comp and I’m afraid of a meltdown resembling #1 if he does it

  4. Ally says:

    cute J, is there an upgrade for dominance 1.0?

    jslittlelady – it is crazy how addicting it can be

    Kaylyn & greengirl – I thought so too- if you click on the link, the guy who wrote the article actual wrote a book on cyberpsychology and you can read it online, there are some really interesting chapters on online communities if you are interested

  5. Florida Dom says:

    That was funny but it is easy to become an addict to the net.


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