going somewhere

It has been a wonderful past two weeks with barely a cloud in the sky, the temperature in the 60’s.  I could live with this weather for quite some time and be happy.  I know that all too soon it will be very cold.  I’m not a big fan of cold weather but I do love it when it snows.  I love wearing warm wool sweaters, sheepskin boots, and starting up the kerosine heater.  I love being warm when it’s cold outside…and now I have totally gotten off track.

Along with the good weather there have been lots of good girl spankings around here… it’s been nice to be picking back up with normal life again.  Brad is no longer on crutches and is doing well.  Having fun in the bedroom again has improved both of our dispositions and I think is bringing us back around to the closeness that we enjoyed earlier this year.  The difference this time is now we are building on a foundation of knowledge and experience instead of working on the foundation.  We are adding to the richness of the experience. 

An unanticipated comment came from Brad the other night. I was told that I am getting much better at “certain things” that he enjoys. Since I’ve been trying really hard to improve that was music to my ears.  That same night he also said “I love your ass, you are so hot”.  What girl doesn’t like to hear that in the middle of an OTK spanking.  I was wound up in feelings of delight.  On that note, Brad has some where in time, I not sure how it happened, improved his spanking aptitude.  What does that really mean? What I mean is that he’s really started to figure me out and read me better.  He’s taking his time with me, making sure I’ve had enough, talking to me about what is it that I want from spanking (when appropriate).  He is also developing into a more dominant role.  Not in a highly visible way, but I can sense small changes.  In all these changes I can feel myself settling down, I’m more content. More relaxed.  It’s not that there aren’t things to work on or talk about, but I feel confident that we are at least going somewhere.  


One thought on “going somewhere

  1. Mick says:

    I’m glad things are in a pleasant place for you right now. Sounds like you and Brad have both worked for it.

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