comfort, panties, and hated words

I can’t believe that I am going to talk about this…but I am.  You know how there are certain clothes in your closet that are favorites.  You may love them because you look really good in them, the color is great on you, or they are super comfortable.  I can think of several items of clothing that have been really special to me for various reasons.  I tend to be very sentimental and so I still have a few things even if I don’t wear them anymore.  I actually still have my baby blanket packed away somewhere in this house.  I am so embarrassed to say this but I even took it to college with me.  It’s totally falling apart and you can see right through it, but it served me well as a child and I still love it.  Anyway, back to clothes.  I have two sweatshirts that I adore.  One is an old sweatshirt of Brad’s and the other is a navy hoodie that I swim in.  I wear them both year round at night, yes, even in the summer while Brad is freezing me out with the air conditioning.  Anyone else have thermostat wars? 

I have recently realized that I’ve been showing a preference for a certain pair of undies (actually I have several of them but they are the same, just different colors.)  I’m calling them undies because they are not like my usual panties.  I usually wear a low rise bikini type thing…these are like boyshort panties/undies (whatever).  They are really stretchy and tight and trade cheek coverage for more hip coverage.  They are great for wearing under anything that may show panty lines easily.  Why do I like these undies so much?  This is what I think about at night while I am laying in bed….  it’s like something holding me together inside when I don’t feel together.  A constant hug from my clothing…err  down there.  It’s a small thing, but somehow soothing.  It’s so weird, I know, but that’s where my mind goes sometimes. 

Speaking of panties, a quick search on a few key words and you will learn that “panties” is among the most hated words in the English language.  Also in that category is “moist”.  Not surprisingly, these two words together will send some people over the edge. I used to dislike the word “panties” too, I would avoid using that word at all costs.  You would never catch me using “moist panties” in a conversation EVER.  But for some reason when I started reading spanking blogs I became a little less shy about certain things, and I don’t mind saying panties at all now.  However, this is the first and last time you will see “moist panties” mentioned on my blog. I should probably stop now before I get myself in trouble. 🙂


10 thoughts on “comfort, panties, and hated words

  1. cultivateddiscipline says:

    Boy shorts can be awfully cute, especially the lace ones,,,I have some that say hello kitty on the front,,,used to wear them on dates all the time,,,a girl never knows,,,lol

  2. Ally says:

    CD – hello kitty, that’s cute, these ones that I’m talking about are plain black or white, but I do have a variety. It’s fun to collect…

  3. Sara says:

    You know, the more a girl realizes her panties might be exposed at any unforseen time, the more thoughtful she is with what she wears. The right pair at the right time has even saved me (so to speak) a time or two. Never under estimate the power of the panties! 🙂

  4. Ally says:

    Sara – your not kidding, the perfect pair can make a difference!

  5. 73 says:

    Over here we say “knickers”. Is that any better?

    I agree with everything else you say. Sometimes avoiding vpl can be *very* important.

  6. Ally says:

    73 – Sorry, knickers sounds so foreign to me, for some reason the image of a long pair of shorts pops into my mind when I here that word. I’ll stick with panties for now. And I can’t figure out vpl???

  7. mouse says:

    I can actually relate to this on many levels.


  8. 73 says:

    Visible Panty Line. Very important to avoid if you are a man.


  9. Ally says:

    Mouse, I’m glad someone else understands what I’m talking about (I’m assuming your talking about the first 2 paragraphs.?) I’ve found that when I’ve been in turmoil, anything consistant can be comforting. Even a favorite sweatshirt or undies.

    73 – oh, yes, I would think that would be very important

  10. mouse says:

    Yup I was. And it’s very true, especially about consistency–you are spot on.

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