acronym hell- or hilarious

I don’t use acronyms often, but I don’t know very many.  I’ve been able to figure out what the most common ones are, but occasionally run across some that I just can’t figure out.  There were a few that I kept seeing and didn’t know what they meant, so I found to help me and surprise, surprise there are more acronyms than I ever wanted to know about… Although you probably won’t see me using acronyms much I wanted to list some of the ones that I found amusing.  Enjoy.

 AAAAA – American Association for Acronym Abuse  (it must be a serious problem)

AAK – Asleep At Keyboard (if you need to say this, just go to bed)

CTC – Care To Chat -or- Contact -or- Choking The Chicken (seriously guys, I don’t think you want to risk mixing these up, better to just type it out)

DWWWI – Surfing the World Wide Web while intoxicated     (probably not the best idea)

GMTFT – great minds think for themselves     (CD, I thought you might like this one)

IANADBIPOOTV – I am not a Dr but I play one on tv   (is this really said enough to warrent an acronym?)

IBK – idiot behind keyboard   (if you say so…)

IPN – I’m posting naked  (I’m not asking…)

IWBAPTAKYAIYSTA – I will buy a plane ticket and kick your ass if you say that again  (this could become an expensive anger problem)

WMPL – wet my pants laughing (I don’t know about you, but I would never admit to this)

WWSD – what would satan do?  (who asks this?)

Special For Spankos (or should I say SFS)

YBS – you’ll be sorry  (will I?)

UCWAP – up a creek without a paddle (awww too bad, maybe you can use  a big stick instead?)

ILF/MD – I love female/male dominance (I’m assuming you have to pick one or the other)

GYPO – get your pants off  (and the fun begins!)

BOHICA – Bend over here it comes again (I’m waiting…)

NSTLC – need some tender loving care (especially if you found a big stick)

Sadly OTK did not make the list on this particular site, and I’ve never seen INAS anywhere  (I’m betting can you guess what that means!)


2 thoughts on “acronym hell- or hilarious

  1. Sara says:

    Very cute! 🙂 My kids use ROLFL …who rolls?

  2. Hermione says:

    I learned something new today! They’re all new to me. Sara, I use ROTLMAO too.

    Thanks for sharing.


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