my Friday night

This weekend has been pretty busy, but interesting and fun at times.  On Friday night Brad and I took our son to a birthday party at a roller skating rink.  We left our daughter with my parents and decided to stay with S (son) since we don’t really know any of the parents at his new school.  It was his first time roller skating and it took a while for him get the hang of it.  He looked so cute hugging the wall all the way around, falling all over the place.  After about 10 minutes of sitting around Brad and I decided to skate too, it was like stepping back into the past when I’d go with friends.  Brad and I used to rollerblade a lot, and I can rollerblade my 100lb dog around the neighborhood, I wasn’t too concerned for our safety.  We really had a lot of fun and it was nice to see S having a good time with his new friends. 

After we got the kids to bed I got on the computer for a few minutes.  Dante was kind enough to give me some great advice in relation to my previous post, which I took, and I have felt much better since.  It has been some relief from the turmoil.  I didn’t talk to Brad about it after, he’s personally involved, for some reason that makes it harder.  I felt raw and vulnerable didn’t want to talk about it anymore.  It had been a long day and I was tired, I wanted to sleep.  I got ready for bed and layed down, about 15 minutes later Brad comes in, hugs and kisses me, and says, I’m coming back in 5 minutes and I’m going to spank you.  (Huh?) I groaned and told him I’m just not really in the mood right now, I’m tired.  He asked if something was wrong, not technically, no nothings wrong.  Ok, you don’t get to decide, I’ll be back in five minutes.  I protested lightly but he was determined.

Alas, he was back in five minutes and off went my pants, and a few minutes later the last of my protection.  The occasion was cryptic in that I was unsure of its purpose.  There were no sexual undertones (yet), and as far as I knew, I had done nothing wrong.  It all started out innocently enough, little did I know he was warming me up for a full blown spanking.  I don’t really remember all the exact details, only that he was relentless and kept switching from hand, to belt, to paddle and back again.  In the beginning my first thoughts were –  I could easily cry right now, let it out, do I want to let it out? Do I really want to do this now?  It could be really good for me, but…Without much thought, I decided no, and I turned everything off.  Avoidance, my specialty.  That is until it all became too hard to ignore.  My bottom was on fire, I was struggling and failing to stay in place with every strike.   Then my body betrayed me.  Emotion leaked out and the tears came.  It wasn’t a big burst of emotion, but I cried quietly as Brad kept spanking.  Eventually, he stopped and rubbed my back for a while.  I layed there panting, sniffling, trying to catch my breath. I was warm and whole and exhausted.  As I gathered myself together I asked what was this spanking all about, did I do something?  ‘Just some maintance, and when I tell you I’m going to spank you, I don’t want an arguement’.  Fair’s fair, considering how often I hound him for spankings that I do want.  At this point I was content and I thought we were done, but no.  He continued to spank for I don’t know how long, but it didn’t matter.  I accepted it for the gift it was and just let the results wash over me.  I was in a zone, and when he was done we hugged and kissed like we always do, and went on to enjoy each other in other ways.  It was a wonderful night, I’m glad he’s in charge and not me!


One thought on “my Friday night

  1. Sara says:

    It seems like you got through some barriers. One him deciding what he thinks you need, regardless of what you think, and two, spanking you through resistance. That can be very powerful and I am glad he felt the self confidence and you were able to let him past! Good for you both!

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