What!?! Ally doesn’t want a spanking?

In the course of a week Brad will usually work from home one or two days.  This is always a mixed blessing for me.  I love having him here all day because even though he’s working it easy for us to chat throughout the day.  Unfortunately, this also means that the computer is not available to me all day which makes me crazy. 

Yesterday while Brad was working downstairs, and I was attempting to use my kids (very slow) computer, he turns to me and says ‘I really need to see you in the bedroom right now, I can’t take it any longer’.  This was an interesting and welcome invitation, however, our daughter was in the other room watching tv.  I looked at him and said ‘ a quickie?’ Of course.  As we walked up the stairs I was thinking, -ok, if we do this now, he’s not going to want to do anything later.  Close to bedtime is my time of choice when it comes to spanking and sex.  Typically sex and spanking play go hand in hand here, but with kids awake, the loud activities just can’t happen.  I mumbled something like ‘you owe me tonight’ in his direction.  

Fast forward to 9:15pm, the kids are asleep in bed and we can finally relax.  Brad was on the couch watching tv when I came into the family room.  I was feeling pretty tired at this point.  I told Brad that unless he needed me I was going to get online for a bit.  He said, he wanted me to come back a 9:30, ‘I have something I want to take care of’.  Of course I remember that I’d implied I wanted a spanking, but at that moment I knew it was going to happen my stomach flipped and I was contemplating avoidance.  What is this I wondered?  I’ve been nervous about play spankings before but I always look forward to them.  This was more anxiety than normal.  It had been an emotionally draining day, was that why I was feeling like this?  I’m not really sure. 

I went back to the family room at 9:30pm as requested.  I was trying to figure out a way to get out of this, or did I really want to?  I sat down in a chair and waited.  After a few minutes Brad started to get up and said ‘ok, let’s go do this’.  I quickly said, ‘if your just doing this for me, I’m really tired, we don’t have to’.  The bewildered look I got was priceless.  I stunned him, since when does Ally turn down a chance for play spanking?  He said ‘are you sure?  well, ok then’, and sat back down. 

My thoughts were – Phew, good, I got out of it.  Wait, is that a twinge of disappointment, why did I do that?  What is going on with me?  So I asked Brad if I was allowed to change my mind later.  ‘We’ll see.’  Good, now I might have options.  I let it go out of my thoughts, or tried to.  Every ten minutes or so I was wondering if I should say I changed my mind, I’d probably enjoy once we started.  As if he was reading my mind Brad looked over and asked ‘do you want a spanking?’.  I shook my head no!  I’m an idiot.  I just had to laugh at myself and realize that I may not always be in the mood, no matter how much I love spanking.  And I am so grateful that my husband was interested in taking care of me, and offering twice.  It was very sweet of him.  In the end, Ally went to bed unspanked, and that was fine.


2 thoughts on “What!?! Ally doesn’t want a spanking?

  1. Meow says:

    It can be confusing. After years of wanting to be spanked – suddenly i’m not in the mood? But we all have our ups and downs and I’m glad you’re fine with your decision! Meow

  2. Sara says:

    We have sure done this, and then there are times when Grant has said…”You know, I think you NEED that spanking!” and insisted. That has it’s up side too. It’s an ebb and flow, I think.

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