So happy to be back

I am back from a too long with out my husband vacation, finally.  I had a good time for the most part, but it was exhausting.  At least I got a nice tan…  Imagine four women who are used to having their husbands around to weigh in decide where to go out to eat for eight days, eight days of “I don’t care where we go, whatever you want to go is fine… no really, where do you want to go?”  Then when someone makes a suggestion “let’s not go there because (insert any number of reasons)”.  It was unnerving.  I really started to feel sorry for every guy I’d ever told “I don’t care where we go…  but not there”. 

Brad and I did a lot of texting.  I could tell he really missed me.  He sent me lots of hot texts and that was fun.  Promises of spankings as soon as I got home, among other things, which did occur last night.  I was surprised at how sensitive I was to spanking after the week.  I was at my limit fairly quickly and was uncomfortable enough to not be enjoying it much.  It was kind of a different experience for me this time, and I’m not sure if it’s b/c I have been gone, out of practice, the dynamic has faded some, all of the above… it just felt different.  My sex drive has definitely taken a nose dive, probably from being tired and the stress of taking care of the kids myself for so long.  The spanking wasn’t really fun, it just hurt.  I’m going to not worry about it, give it some time, and give myself a chance to recover.  I am sure all will return to normal. 

Anyway, I miss you all too and I am happy to be home !

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