post op possibilities

I can finally breathe easy.  Brad’s surgery went well and we have good reason to believe that it will be an end to the hip pain.  We are holding onto hope. 

Yesterday was a little stressful.  I felt very anxious that morning and just wanted this to be over.  My mother in law went with us, which was nice.  However,  there was a slight chance it could end up badly.  Now, my mother in law is wonderful, she’s a very sweet person, not intrusive in our relationships at all.  I started to worry as my sister in law was getting ready to leave with my daughter, she was telling Brad’s mom to catch any funny post anesthetic behavior on her cell phone.  It was then that it occurred to me that people coming out of anesthesia blurt out inappropriate and possibly private things.  I suspect you all know where I am going with this.  I swear my heart stopped and I immediately thought of the worst case scenario.  There we are…Brad, me, his mom, and nurse staff… and Brad says something about spanking.  I would die if that happened.  When we had a moment alone I told Brad he better be very careful not to say anything about spanking.  And then I thought, maybe that wasn’t such a good idea bringing all that to his attention, now it’s in his mind. 

So fast forward to us talking with the anesthetist, lots of talk about drugs of course, and then she says people coming off this drug tend to feel “amorous” and act inappropriately.  Oh great. 

When they finally came to get him for surgery I gave him a kiss, said “I love you, good luck, have fun” verbally, and tried to say “keep your mouth shut” telepathically.  

Fears of being exposed temporarily disappeared and as we were waiting I just wanted this to be over.  Thankfully, only 45 minutes later the surgeon came and told us all went well and as expected. About 5 minutes later a nurse came and said Brad was asking for me.  I didn’t have the heart to not ask his mom to come too.  I was so happy to see him, he was groggy but pretty coherent as far as I could tell.  He said he was feeling tired, but ok.  The nurse was there going over all kinds of things to do and not to do… Then ha ha ha, she starts talking about funny anesthesia stories.  I was starting to get nervous again.  She tells a story about two ladies who were in the recovery room at the same time, they were loudly talking up a storm and lets just say not talking like “ladies”.  She starts giving him more pain medication, and then more. Lets just say he was very relaxed. Then the nurse starts talking about when she had surgery in her home town and when she came out it she was hugging and kissing a guy she knew that worked at the hospital.  I was thinking, “ok let’s wrap up story time and talk about something else” when Brad pipes in “oh yeah we were really concerned” OMG, SHUT UP! “that I was going to say something stupid”. I quickly changed the subject to something else.  I didn’t feel completely safe until we got home and I could tell he was more “with it”.

For many reasons I am so thankful that it is over, most importantly he’s doing great, and our secret is still our secret. 

(Later I’ll tell about being in trouble Fri and the “memorable spanking” Monday night) 


3 thoughts on “post op possibilities

  1. Sir J says:

    Glad to hear it went well, as a sufferer of chronic back pain I know it is not fun. I hope he heels well.

  2. Ally says:

    Sir J, thank you

  3. Sara says:

    I’m so glad it is over and all went well. I promise you, if he is anything like evry other husband I know, sometime, someplace Brad will forget and ‘out’ you. I have chosen to just pretend I have no clue what he is talking about!!!

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