last Friday night

I only lost my head for a second.  There we are having a nice time, a lively discussion on which Brad and my mom were on one side of the fence, my dad and I on the other.  And quietly, it slipped out.  “Shut up”.  Did I say that? Ooops,  I looked across the table to see if he had even heard me.  I had practically mumbled it. I couldn’t tell, so I pretty much just forgot about it.  Maybe he heard, maybe he didn’t, if he did I figured I’d hear about later.

For the record, let it be known that I don’t tell anybody to shut up on a regular basis, or at all really.  It’s rude and disrespectful, especially when your talking to your husband. 

Later that night we were in the process of getting something nice started in the bedroom.  All of sudden he stops kissing me, looks me in the eye, and he says “Did you tell me to shut up earlier tonight?”  “umm yeah, it was a mistake, I’m sorry”.  Long pause……… “I want you to bend over the bed”.  I was not entirely disappointed at this turn of events.  Even though this was supposed to be punishment, I knew he wasn’t really mad. Besides, I was already in a frisky mood, it was hard to be worried about a spanking.  Much to my delight he pulled out the leather belt.  I haven’t talked about the belt before, it doesn’t get used very often.  It is soooooo soft and at least 3 inches wide.  It can sometimes cause no pain at all, and sometimes it’s mild to medium.  Depending on how he’s using it.  He has developed some skill recently, I don’t know how, that makes it hurt, a lot (but I still like it.)  After a minute or two of Brad using the belt, I was almost in tears.  It was a strange experience because it hurt, but I was still “enjoying” it.  When he was done, we resumed our prior activities.   I’m not sure that it’s so good for DD to be so unclear about the intention of the spanking but in this case it doesn’t matter, I will be more careful about what I say when the conversation gets lively.


One thought on “last Friday night

  1. Sara says:

    Been there myself! I also tried “hush up” and that didn’t work much better, for the record. You know, once you get the swing of things, I think not every spanking, every discipline has to be such a big deal. I know what people say, but when it’s marriage in real life, things flow, and geez, we gals are brighter than we look, and we get the point, and if we REALLY want to not be disrespectful, the mention that he noticed is enough. At least that is what sometimes happens with us.

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