just my opinion

A while ago my kids got these kids bops cds in their kids meals from a fast food rest.  They want to listen to them, but some of the songs really bother me.  Is it just me, or is the sound of children singing adult content songs a little disturbing…?



2 thoughts on “just my opinion

  1. Bonnie says:


    Yes! It’s even worse when your own kids inevitably sing along. At first, I think perhaps they don’t really understand the words they’re singing. Then it dawns on me that perhaps they do.

    I hate to think that kids can no longer be kids, but the little ones now seem to be bombarded with inappropriate content from every angle. This was an issue when our daughter was growing up and it’s even worse today. The only remedy, if you can call it that, is lots of talking. It’s sometimes not comfortable for anybody, but what else can you do?


  2. dieseldiva says:

    Absolutely!! My grandson’s favorite song is Candy Shop. He does the bump and grind and the whole trick singing it. He thinks it’s about candy. Natural attraction for a 3 year old. So many of the songs these days and from days gone by signify other things. Bonnie is right – lots of talking is about all you can do.

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