Butterfly show April 09 064-1-2

monarch at the butterfly show

One of the things I have noticed about Brad lately is that he has been more affectionate.  Holding hands, putting his arm around me, hugs and kisses at random times.  It’s really nice.  I’ve told him in the past many times that I would like him to be more affectionate towards me and it didn’t really work.  It’s clear to me that what is happening in our relationship (D/s, dd, fun spanking) is all getting me many of the things I’ve always wanted in our relationship, and I wasn’t really expecting that.  I had expectations for us to get closer, but I had long given up on other desires.  Apparently I was going about it the wrong way. 


2 thoughts on “TRANSFORMATIONS

  1. Sir J says:

    It has been my experience that as you go down this road the amount of time you need to think about it as a Dominant just leads you to an ever more attentive state of mind.

  2. Hermione says:


    How wonderful for you, that everything you’ve always wanted is now happening.


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