I feel so much pressure to write something good for my second post that I have writer’s block, so I am just going to do something light and simple and tell you more about me.

These are few of my favorite things (not necessarily in order):

    1  reading :  I love to read novels and books on self improvement, marriage and relationships, informational books on how to do things (mosaic tiling, scrap booking, gardening, etc.  Whatever project I’m into at the time.) 

   2.my camera, photography : I love taking pictures!  I wouldn’t call myself a professional yet, but I have done some weddings and lots of portraits.  My kids and the kids in the neighborhood could probably be considered professional models  🙂

    3. my dog :  my dog is so special to me, he’s so loving and sweet, he follows me around the house, he’s gentle with the kids, and I’m sure he understands English, (he’s big too – 80lbs and almost one year old!)

 4. Brian Regan- he is the funniest comedian on the planet! (well, to Brad and I at least)  If you need a good laugh, check him out

 5. my amino acid supplements : (GABA, 5-HTP, and DLPA)  ok, I know that’s weird, but I joke with Brad about how I am addicted  to them.  They are my all natural solution (it’s the same stuff protein is made of) for moodiness, anxiety, mood swings… I LOVE them b/c they really work.  I’ll get off my soapbox in a minute…if you are interested in that sort of thing check out a book called The Mood Cure.  The same author wrote a book called The Diet Cure, they are really great.   

6. my two best friends –  I have two women that I spend time with regularly, our kids are the same age, and we can talk about everything, well except for spanking of course.  I don’t know if I would survive with out them, they are wonderful! 

7. Coke – I LOVE Coke, no not the drug, the drink.  Coke and coffee are probably my biggest vices, well, except for… 

8. sex and spanking : I’m sure you’ve heard about how women reach their sexual prime at 30…well, it happened for me!  The past year and a half it’s like there has been a hormone explosion in my body.  At times, it’s hard for Brad to keep up with me, not because of his sex drive of course, but because it would be physically impossible.  Discovering spanking only made things more fun and we love it.  I think it has actually kept the ball rolling at times.



  1. Sara says:

    Ally, I do know about that pressure. I suggest you write for yourself and the rest will come!

  2. Hi Ally:

    I LOVE your list. 1,2,3,6,7 & 8 I’m totally with you on. (Well, not much for coke– but I drink enough coffee to make up for it.)

    Anyhow, I’m enjoying your blog. I’m also excited to find someone else who’s really new to these shenanigans. I’ll be reading ya soon!


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